Venus Factor Reviews Diet Program for Woman

Venus FactorVenus factor is nothing but an online slimming club that is being operated in partnership. Different diet plans are offered by this slimming club and once you become its member, you will be receiving a customized meal plan based on the type of diet preferred. In addition, you will also be offered with an opportunity to get a bespoke fitness plan.

To help in achieving your weight loss goal, you will be offered with access to a wide range of details, which include success stories of its members as well. Like many other online diet programs, there will be message boards and online chat rooms so that you can speak to other members of the club. In addition, you can also get in touch with a team of nutritional experts through email. So, let us find how can you get started:

How To Get Started with Venus factor?

The best thing about this online weight loss club is that before actually you enroll yourself, you can get a free diet profile. For obtaining the same, you will have to enter details like your height, weight, sex, age, your frame size, your level of day-to-day activity and whether you have tried any diet programs earlier. Also, you will be required to enter details about your weight loss objective, which means that how much weight you are intending to lose within a specific period. Also, you will enter details regarding your health concerns if any. So, let’s started with the Venus Factor weight loss review – secrets from real women.

Venus Diet

Once you provide these details, you will be provided with details like your BMI, your weight loss goal and your healthy weight range. Details regarding the daily calorie allowed for intake will also be provided. Now, you can decide whether or not to join the program.

Cost of Venus factor Program

When talking about the cost of the Venus factor programs, the cost of one plan differs from other. For instance, the company offers three different programs and they are 14-day flash frozen program, 7-day program and Mediterranean diet. Even though, the cost comes around these values, the company offers discounts for most of their plans and so when you can enroll after viewing their portal for any special offers announced by them, you can surely save on the actual cost to be paid by you. This is true irrespective of the plan you are choosing. Of these three programs, the company claims that their 14-Day Frozen.

Foods Under Diet Plans

Under the three plans mentioned earlier, the 14-day flash frozen program and the 7-day program offers more than 120 different varieties of meals to choose from. As the name suggests, seafood is offered under the Mediterranean diet plan.

How Is Your Weight Loss Goal Set?

Weight Loss Goal

As mentioned earlier, before you join the club, you will be asked to provide certain details, which include your height and weight as well. Based on the details given, your Body Mass Index will be calculated. Venus factor will be providing you with the details about your correct BMI, leptin diet and the goal will be set accordingly.