Making Routines as Baby Sleep Training

Sleep training is one way to build the sleep routine of your baby. This is process that can help your baby learn to fall asleep by themselves without your intervention as parents. They can still sleep soundly through the night. For young babies, sleep for five hours is important. There are several methods that can be used in baby sleep training. Check this out!

Sleeping Training for 3 Months Baby

Every parent would know how it feels to be woken by the baby crying at night. In the first three months of age, there is not much that parents can do when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night. They need the mother to breastfeed at least two hours. But, it does not mean that parents cannot do baby sleep training.

Baby Sleep Traning

At this age, the most important thing that parents can do in baby sleep training is making routines. Get used to wake the baby in the morning at the same time each day. You also need to feed the baby with a regular schedule. But, it doesn’t mean that every baby is crying, you have to feed him. You can consult the pediatrician to know the appropriate time to breastfeed your baby. Also, you need to familiarize your baby’s nap schedule and regular hours. At nap time, do not lull your baby in a dark area so that the baby can distinguish between day and night.

Sleeping Training for Baby above 3 Months

At the age of four to six months, babies are able to sleep through the night. They can sleep on their own without the help of parents. However, you should remember that every baby is different. Some babies can fast sleep without difficulty, while other babies need to sleep and adjustment training longer. Parents should be patient enough and keep running the program baby sleep training regularly until your baby is accustomed.


In this baby sleep training, you as parents have to get used to not hold your baby until they are actually asleep. You have to put your baby to bed when they are still awake or half asleep. Your baby may be fussy and cry for a few minutes until they can make themselves comfortable and fall asleep. However, you do not give up then take and entertain your baby every time they cry when put into their bed. This is sleeping training that is intended to teach your baby to soothe themselves to sleep.