Knee Pain: Causes, Types and Treatment

Knee pain is one of the most common ailments throughout the world; with thousands of people suffer from this pain. The ailment can be experienced by people in any age including young adults and children. Where does the pain come from? There are several factors that cause pain of the knee. The discomfort can be either caused by injury or it signs another chronic condition. The types of discomfort depend on the cause, are and the physical condition of sufferer. For the elder people, the pain may be related to the other health issues such as joints and bones problems.

Types of Knee Pain

Knee PainAs previously mentioned, knee pain can be triggered by several factors. Different factors cause different type of knee pain. Osteoarthritis for instance, is a common cause of knee pain.Osteoarthritis causes cartilage loss and it triggers discomfort to the knee. Another factor is ligament injuries. Athlete and people involved in rigorous physical activities usually complain of knee pain. Knee pain symptoms include stiffness, swelling, signs of infection such as fever, warmth and redness. When you are unable to walk comfortably, it might also sign knee discomfort. Related to the different causes, the pain needs different treatment. Baker’s cyst, anterior knee pain and pain behind knee is another cause of knee pain for people.

How to Relieve Knee Pain

Once you experience knee discomfort, there are several things that you can do for knee pain relief. Taking a rest is the easiest way to relieve the discomfort, especially for the first treatment. People who suffer from knee pain usually neglect the discomfort and keep doing what they do. Whereas, this condition may worsen the pain and it can lead into acute inflammation. If you take a rest but the pain resists, you may need to take ice and heat treatment. Both heat pads and ice packs are the most common treatment for knee pain.

Knee Training

Stretching is another knee pain treatment that you can take for the first aid. You need to know that the knee joint is surrounded by muscles and tendons. When you experience knee pain, stretching the tendons and muscles can be done to relieve the pain. However, if the discomfort is included into a severe condition, stretching may not help you so much. Physical therapy is all you need to treat the pain. Physical therapy is the most common treatment for orthopedic conditions. Some different techniques are used to increase strength, recover mobility as well as bring the patients back to their normal condition.

Your knee pain can also be treated by several medications such as Nonstreroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and Cortisone injections. Most of orthopedists prescribe NSAIDs to treat the knee discomfort, especially for those who suffer from knee discomfort caused by tendonitis, bursitis and arthritis. Meanwhile, Cortisone injection is known as a powerful medication to treat knee discomfort, especially which is followed by inflammation. As inflammation is a common condition in knee pain,Cortisone is one of the most prescribed medications. However, you need to consult the doctor related to the benefits of Cortisone injections for your knee pain. Hopefully this article will helps your health issue and knee joints you.